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Holoderm® ​​is Korea's first and the world's second commercialized cultured skin autograft. 


Holoderm® is indicated to treat deep 2nd degree and 3rd degree burns. A very small (1~3cm2) skin biopsy is taken from the patient patient and the stem cells are cultured into sheet grafts which are then transplanted onto the patient’s wounds. Autologous keratinocyte sheet attached to petrolatum gauze takes 2-3 weeks to manufacture. Enough grafts to cover the entire adult body surface can be obtained. It is the most effective life-saver for the patients who have lost over 50% of their skin.


Holoderm® ​​has saved over 850 lives since 2002 and is fully reimbursed under the Korean Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance.

Indications & Clinical use

Transplanted on the wound to generate a functional epidermal layer as follows:


1.Deep 2nd degree burn over 30% of TBSA


2.3rd degree burn over 10% of TBSA

Active Ingredient

 Autologous Keratinocytes



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