Neoderm® designates a group of human skin models consisting of live human skin cells.



Neoderm® is a three-dimensionally cultured skin model to mimic the morphology and physiology of human skin, and it’s used for testing in vitro the efficacy and safety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical substances. Animal testing to develop drugs and cosmetics is a controversial issue and governments the world over have taken steps to circumscribe the cruel and inhumane practice. The trend was pioneered by a European Union directive which took effect in 2013 to ban sales of cosmetic ingredients and products that have undergone animal testing.

Since then similar bans have been put in place in South Korea, Brazil, India, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and UK. More importantly, faced with consumer protest, cosmetics manufacturers are voluntarily avoiding animal testing and moving towards increased use of in vivo screening such as is afforded by Neoderm®.

Since our Cell bank possesses skin cells of many different racial and other phenotypes as well as models for skin, cornea and oral mucosa , customized models can be ordered.

  • Skin

    Skin information
    Model Configuration
    Neoderm®-ED Epidermis + Dermis
    Neoderm®-E Epidermis
    Neoderm®-ME Epidermis + Melanocytes
    Neoderm®-D Dermis
  • Cornea

    Cornea information
    Model Configuration
    Neoderm®-CD Epithelium + Stroma
    Neoderm®-C Epithelium
  • Oral mucosa

    Oral mucosa information
    Model Configuration
    Neoderm®-OD Epithelium + Stroma
    Neoderm®-O Epithelium

Neoderm-based contract research services

  • Tego Science provides contract research services using Neoderm® to screen substances
    for its safe and effective usage on human skin.
  • Tests: Skin irritation, Skin permeation, Regeneration/Elasticity, Wound healing and Lightening


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