SkinBank®is a new kind of insurance for cells applied to Tego's systematic storage system.


  • Healthy skin stem cells from an individual can be
    separated and indefinitely stored after a primary

    For those people who are exposed to high risks of skin injury,
    skinbank® offers a novel biological insurance by pre-stroing the
    cells which can be used to make life-saving Holoderm® more
    quickly in case of actual injuries.

    Holoderm®-treated patients benefit from free indefinite storage of
    their cells, which can be used to make additional Holoderm® if
    repeated surgeries are required.

  • The sin stem cells can also be harvested from healthy from hair
    follicles, making it unnecessary to have painful biopsies taken by
    conventional invasive means. Skin stem cells lose their vigor with
    the person’s age, and it makes good sense to have young and
    healthy cells stored to be used in a variety of existing and upcoming applications.

    Besides Holoderm®, made-to-order cosmetic products are under
    development. Other dermatological uses are being explored
    including hair growth-related applications.

skinbank kit

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