Established in 2001, Tego Science has been producing various skin cell therapy products originating from human epithelial cells.

Our autologous and allogeneic cultured skin substitutes are now a mainstay in Korea’s burn and ulcer clinics with an unmatched track record of safety and efficacy.

Stable and growing revenue and high profit have enabled us to strengthen research activities and offer a solid pipeline for the future, starting with upcoming cultured dermal fibroblasts for ruptured tendon regeneration.

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TEGO means
Tego is a Latin word meaning ‘I cover’ and signifies our goal to provide safe and effective covering for those who suffer from painful and scarring wounds.

The symbol mark of Tego Science is a shape combinated of T and S.
This represents the shape of a cane and snake modernly designed, the symbol of medical science, which means new medical technology was born through Tego Science. Red color represents strong and trustworthy.