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Kaloderm now officially available in varying sizes TegoScience  |  2011.05.12


 On April 12, 2011, Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) approved sales of three different sizes or Kaloderm : 3cm × 3cm, 4cm × 4cm, and 5cm × 5cm in addotion to the previous 7.5cm ×7.5cm which has become a mainstay in Korea's burn clinics.


 This measure is to allow the application of Kaloderm on smaller, chronic wounds.

Folling last year's KFDA decision to add diabetic foot ulcer as an additional indication for Kaloderm, clinicians have pointed out the need for varying sizes of the product to meet diverse demands.


 Tego Science has proven that Kaloderm is equally stable, safe and effective in different sizes. With this added approval and proven healing power, the use of Kaloderm will increase significantly in chronic wound healing market starting from this fiscal year. We are also disscussing with clinicians optimal and protocols to use it for dermatological and aesthetic purpose. For any further enquiries on Kaloderm, please contact us at webmaster@tegoscience.com