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  • Awarded Prime Minister’s Medal at Korea Healthcare Technology Fair
  • KT (Korea Technology) recognition
  • Awarded a silver medal at Korea Technology Fair
  • Receives government grant for technological innovatio
  • Kaloderm® receives a sales approval by KFDA, indicated for deep 2° burn
  • Capital Increased to KRW 660 million
  • Government project "The development of technology for mass production of cultured epidermis for wound-healing" declared a success.
  • Patents filed in Korean and Japan related to cosmetic compositions containing keratinocytes and/or fibroblasts
  • First shipment of Neoderm® to Japan
  • Seoul facility approved for GMP by KFDA
  • Holoderm® receives a sales approval by KFDA
  • Designated as innovative technology company by Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Receives government grants for "Commercial production of human skin model for testing toxicity" and ;Cultured human skin for transplantation
  • "Commercial production of cultured skin for wound-healing" selected as the best new materials research project by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy; capital increased to KRW 630 million
  • Selected as the first recipient of KFDA’s biotech fast-track program
  • Designated a High-tech Venture Company by the government
  • Established in Daejeon, Korea with a capital of KRW 500 million